One Day Leaded Stained Glass Course

Traditional leaded stained glass is the type you see in churches, halls and older houses. We will be using coloured glass, lead came, solder and glass cement to create a panel using the same methods.


 What you will be learning:

  • Firstly, if you haven’t done it before, you will learn how to cut glass safely. It’s really not too difficult after a bit of practice.
  • Then, when you’ve decided on a design, you need to choose and cut out your pieces of glass.
  • Once all the glass is cut you will need to set it out on your board and cut lead came to place between the pieces of glass. Fitting this together can be a bit fiddly.  It’s nailed into place (yes really) to keep the joins tight.
  • Next, you will solder all the joints to keep your panel together permanently.
  • Then the messy bit. You will apply cement to your panel, pushing it under the lead to keep it sturdy. This takes a couple of days to dry completely but you can take it away safely.
  • Finally, if required, you will need to attach rings for hanging your piece and then clean and polish it.

You can bring your own designs or find one that inspires you once you get here.

I suggest you have a look on Google or Pinterest for ‘simple stained glass patterns’ to get some ideas for what you’d like to make.  Try not to choose anything too complicated so we can be sure you will finish. About 15 individual pieces of glass in your design will be plenty to manage in one day.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a design before you come, I have plenty here.