Craft Parties

If you would like to enjoy a new activity with a group of up to 8 friends and you have the space to sit them all at a table(s) then a craft party could be for you.
The sessions are up to 3 hours long and can be at any time of day.  I will bring all the equipment for either a copper foil or a mosaic taster. The glass will be pre-cut so there will be no danger of glass crumbs in your house.

Copper foil
You and your friends can choose from a selection of pre-cut, possibly seasonal, projects or you could go ‘freestyle’ with the available pieces to make a suncatcher to hang in your window.  You will foil the pieces, solder them together and add embellishments and a hanging ring.


You can make a small stained glass mosaic (4 inches square) of your own design or following a ready made one. You will stick the small pieces to a square of base glass and then grout your project to keep everything in place.  These can be used as coasters or as suncatchers.

What you will need

  • Table space for all of your guests to sit at
  • Access to a sink with running water
  • For copper foil – space for 3 or 4 soldering ‘stations’, preferably in the kitchen.

The price for a craft party is £30 per head, excluding the host, who might like to provide refreshments. There is an expected minimum of four paying participants.

Call 07873 410968 for any further information.